Big Dog Hitch Adaptor

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Our new Big Dog hitch converter makes a  Corolla work like a Tundra!  

The Big Dog turns your compact car or SUV into a true workhorse !   The Big Dog eliminates the small car issues of low ground clearance, hard to access hitch pins, and only able to select racks that are based on the 1 and 1/4 inch hitch opening. 

  • Anti-wobble mounting  produces a very solid attachment onto the vehicle 
  • Solid steel stinger-not a hollow square tube- for greatly increased stability and strength
  • Works with all standard 2 inch rack stingers 
  • Raises your rack up 100 mm to eliminate rack scraping on driveways, dips, bumps 
  • Top section is 7 inches ( 180 mm) in length to accept most brands with internal anti-wobble elements 
  • Easier rack access and removal by moving the hitch pin up and out from under the vehicle
  • Made with special high strength steel, and finished with a premium powder coat finish 
  • Big Dog has a weight limit of 350 pounds total ( weight of equipment plus rack weight )  
  • Only use for racks- not for use in towing 

The Big Dog adaptor is now in process, pre-order yours today !