Carry your bike like a pro means you do it with ease, first time, every time.  When you are finished transporting your bike,  your MAX can be removed seconds, and stored in the vehicle or garage ---or just leave it on!  The compact size of the MAX is not much different than a typical hinged folding rack 

The MAX is going to appeal to the enthusiast who simply wants to go ride with a minimum of fuss and effort with any bike in the garage !   From road to fat to e-bikes, up to 5 inch tires, it's likely going to work for your bikes -all of them !  

The MAX features a super-solid steel main support, so you can carry up to a 60 lb. e-bike.    There is also a segment of riders who simply don't want to chauffeur an empty rack around, so we focused on making the MAX  really light for portability , with a lot of advantages that accrue with this design.  

In about the time it takes to fold-up most racks, you can simply remove the MAX, and either toss it into the vehicle or garage until the next ride.  When it is ride time , this is where the 19.5 lb. weight really shines - as the rack installs again with little effort in about 30 seconds ! 

Compare all the pro features you get with the MAX :

  • high strength low weight construction featuring a steel main attachment, aluminum alloy beam and fiber loaded composites for the wheel supports and J hook ratchet handle = tough and light 
  • the MAX secures your bike with only the tires and wheels making contact- NO frame contact points
  • engineered to be very easy to assemble -and tools are included 
  • expandable in seconds to the best 2 bike carrier around with the MAX Plus 
  • very quiet with or without a bike on the rack 
  • does not block trunk/ hatch or tail lights or license plate as do folding racks when empty
  • rapidly adjusts to fit most common bike sizes 
  • pro quality climbers webbing with hook and loop fasteners tightly secure your wheels and are easy to use in the cold and snow  
  • Steel support section is bathed in anti-rust protection, and the rack is finished in a beautiful gloss powder coat for years of dependable service


SPECIFICATIONS:  60 pound weight limit. Accepts road/mountain and fat bikes with wheel and tires from 20 inches up to 29 inches with a 3.5 inch tire or a standard 26 x 5 fat bike style wheel.  Do not use with a bike that has a front fender or tires that are able to maintain full air pressure 

Maximum wheel base is 49.5 inches.  2nd bike MAX Plus- is sold separately.   Assembly is required, tools are supplied.  

Only $25 for 48 state shipping, 

orders over $300 obtain free shipping with code FREE300

 Customers from Alaska, Hi , will be advised of the added surcharge prior to shipping.  No international shipping at this time, sorry.  

IMPORTANT :  do not use the MAX or MAX Plus with bikes that have a front fender or with a front tire that is unable to hold air or be firmly inflated 

With ANY rack, check that your bicycle's tires and wheels are not heated by your vehicles exhaust prior to use.  For exhausts that aim directly at rack level, see your dealer/ parts store for parts that  re-direct your exhaust away from the rack if exhaust heating is an issue.   

note:  may not accept some fat bikes with  27.5 diameter  wheels and tires over 4 inches wide













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