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Carry your bike like a pro means you do it with ease, first time, every time.  The MAX carries about every bike in your stable - road/mtb/fat/e-bikes too- quickly and securely.   From your daily ride, to a cross-country excursion, this rack is ready to roll!  

MAX is made like a race bike, using a blend of top level steel, aluminum and composites, to deliver high strength with a very low 19 pound weight .  Why our focus on low weight?  Portability! MAX  is light enough to provide you the option to let you keep the rack on the vehicle, or remove and store it in the trunk or hatch, or hang it up on the garage wall.  While light, MAX is also strong, able to carry a 60 lb. bike.  

The primary reason most other platform racks fold is they are simply too heavy to take on or off easily.   So, it has become common practice to drive around with an empty rack that bounces, rattles and blocks your tail lights and license plate because it is big hassle to wrestle with a 50 lb. rack.   

MAX gives you all the convenience you demand in a top platform rack, but at just 19 pounds you decide if you want to take it off or leave it on.  It takes under a minute, and almost anyone can easily lift and carry the rack.  If you are using it almost daily, just leave it on!  MAX is compact in size, and the rack secures snugly so you can't tell it's there -with or without a bike on it.   Plus, it's low profile and compact size let you readily access your trunk or hatch, and you won't have to worry about getting a ticket  for an obscured plate!  

If you don't need the rack for a few days, or have to park in a sketchy area, the rack releases in seconds and then you can easily store it in the hatch or trunk, or simply hang it on a peg in the garage.  And when it is time to take your bike with you, it only takes a minute to reinstall.  

There are suction-cup style racks or trunk racks that offer portability, but they don't come close to the MAX in ease of use, load capacity, security, or not touching your frame.  Plus, the MAX goes on or off the vehicle quicker than these styles too!   

When it is time to take a friend, don't worry.  MAX was designed as a 2 bike system, and all you need to do is plug-in the Plus rack and you have an awesome 2 -bike system! Look at the advantages you obtain with the MAX rack:

  • No need to remove a wheel 
  • Doesn't touch your frame, only the tires and wheels make contact 
  • Mounts or removes in under a minute
  • Low platform lift height makes it easy to load/ remove your bike 
  • Made with top quality aluminum, steel, and composites for years of service and high strength
  • Finished with a premium, baked-on powder coat paint, with internal rust proofing on main beam
  • Integrated anti-wobble tightly secures your rack to your vehicle for silent operation 
  • Expandable into a great 2 bike system ( MAX Plus module required) 
  • Doesn't block lights/ license or trunk/hatch access if you elect to leave it on the vehicle 
  • Easy to store in the vehicle or hang on a peg in the garage -great for first responder use 
  • Easy to assemble, and tools are included 
  • Pro quality Park Tool work station mounts directly into the rack ( optional )
  • Custom finish available 


60 pound weight limit with one bike module, 50 pounds with 2 bikes.   Accepts road/mountain and fat bikes with wheel and tires from 20 inches up to 29 inches with a 3.5 inch tire or a standard 26 x 5 fat bike style wheel.  Do not use with a bike that has a front fender or tires that are able to maintain full air pressure   

Maximum bike wheel base is 49.5 inches. 

Assembly is required, with simple hand tools.  Tools are supplied . 

Free 48 state shipping -a $40-$45 added bonus!  

 Customers from Alaska, Hi , will be advised of the added surcharge prior to shipping.  No international shipping at this time, sorry.  

IMPORTANT :  do not use the MAX or MAX Plus with bikes that have a front fender or rack,  or with a front tire that is unable to hold air or be firmly inflated 

With ANY rack, check to see that your exhaust is not directed at your rack.  If you need to re-direct your exhaust, inexpensive parts are commonly available at auto parts stores to redirect your exhaust

note:  may not accept some fat bikes with  27.5 diameter wheels and tires over 4 inches wide













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