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If you are the Meister, you do everything well. This rack earned the name !  Easy to load/unload? Check.   Plug and play convenience?  You bet.  Lower wind noise and improved fuel economy?  Absolutely !   Easy to carry different widths of skis/boards?  Ding, ding, ding, we have the winner !    Plus it does a lot more too, check out all the advantages: ( double click top photo for larger gallery) .  The Meister is coming for the 2019 winter season, and you are going to love putting your skis and boards behind you ! 

  • Carries up to 6 pair of skis / 4 snowboards with 2 inch ( 5omm)  style hitch receiver ( up to 99 pounds total weight )
  • Carries up to 4 pair of skis/ 4 snowboards with 1 and 1/4 inch (32 mm) receiver - ( up to 85 pounds total weight) 
  • Adjusts easily to accommodate different widths of skis, so both your powder skis and your race skis are cradled securely on your way to the mountain
  • Rack is able to tilt back for easier access to hatch/tailgate, even when fully loaded
  • Extensions can pivot onto the main beam when not in use to provide a smaller profile for easier parking or extra rear clearance for garage door closing
  • Purpose-driven design is best for carrying skis and boards, and eliminates the cost and security issues of attaching one rack onto a base bike rack
  • Better vehicle fuel economy, less wind noise, and far easier access versus roof-top racks
  • Lockable for added security 
  • Includes a threaded anti-wobble bolt for the hitch, your gear has the same smooth ride as you ! 
  • Passed the rigorous EU transportation standards for racks
  • Carries skis/ boards base to base
  • Reflective stripes add visibility to your rack and vehicle 
  • Powder coated steel has a full anti-corrosion treatment for durability
  • Fits both common hitch sizes-  2 inch or 1 1/4 hitch 
  • Only 28 pounds, so it is easy to install and remove as required 
  • Compact profile when folded . Use the Event Gear wall mount to plug the Snow Meister into your garage for storage without taking up much space